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More than twenty years SABADOŠ Service LLC is in broadcasting business, offering distribution, repair and engineering services for professional broadcast equipment. Our team features various electronics technicians and engineers, as well as software developers.

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Workdays: 8.30 h – 16.30 h

Saturday: 8.30 h – 14.30 h

Sunday: CLOSED

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Open 24h / 365 days a year

AAA Creditworthiness Rating

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Besides developing and manufacturing, we are dedicated to sales and distribution of the professional equipment for TV and radio stations region-wide. Our manufacturing business includes small-series electronics components, custom built to meet specific broadcasting needs.

We are offering a whole range of products by the largest industry brands, as well as quality domestic brands. These includes the full scope of electronics used in audio and video broadcast systems.

By continuously investing in a variety of our stock, our goal is to maintain your day-to-day operations, while at the same time keep up with new technologies and trends.

english2SABADOŠ team is well-known among TV and radio broadcasters for its dedication to address all your specific needs. Our professionals always follow 5 steps to achieve that goal: acquiring all of the client’s needs, giving recommendations, making and delivering orders, repair and maintenance service during warranty and post-warranty period and staff training.